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cutmypic (1)Heeeere’s Mavi! Ecco Mavi. Les presento a Mavi! 

Who’s Mavi?

Hi, hola, ciao, bon jour and hoi! I am Mavi Ramirez. Mavi is short for Maria-Victoria. I hope you’ve found this site in search of a deeper look into how marketing is evolving and how social construct is now more important to demographic segmentation than ever before. If you are here, you want to know about me so here it goes…

Fair warning: I’m talkative. It comes with the Social Butterfly job.  

Since I started working in this field in 2005 I realized my passion for fast-changing trends and the psychology of marketing. I loved learning how people responded to visual beauty, to social interaction, to cues from their piers (or not), to trends and how people make buying decisions. At the time, a Masters Degree in buyer behavior psychology was not offered at my university so I took to the books on my own. I do a lot of self-teaching, I have a passion for learning. Having majored in psychology at one point, I was enthralled with the sensitive nature of the ever-changing reaction of consumers to different types of marketing. This became the basis of every strategy I ever devised and executed.

Whether I am working on the MasterCard Priceless campaign, or helping a local travel agent sell more tickets, I make sure every one of my clients gets to the bottom of their customer preferences. This means truly understanding the social construct, the trends in the market and the movements arising and slowly gaining traction. This helps brands stay ahead of the ball and rise to the challenge technology provides. With the world getting smaller by the minute, we work hard to ensure they are able to see their marketing through the eyes of their evolving customer. I find myself often saying “for the sake of argument” or “what if” a lot. This is the core of what we do at Mavi Social Butterfly. We get to the bottom of the customer experience, we seek to be socially responsible and to contribute positively to society. We try to see every side of the story to ensure all I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed. My approach to marketing, is to ensure we try to find the most positive and uplifting approach.

I have worked with large and small brands for over 10 years, all over the world, helping them discover their message, ensuring their positioning appeals to audiences in mass markets and small niches. I continue to dedicate my career to studying the psychology of marketing as it relates to social construct. It’s something that changes practically daily.

I work to build brand equity through a movement I call “Peaceful Marketing”, a combination of Culturally Relevant and Socially Responsible marketing, the idea that uplifting promotion strategies can sell a product or service and make a difference in a the world at the same time.

Marketing has gotten a bad rap. People are more and more turned off by the traditional marketing message every day. Customers are smart and they keep getting smarter. It’s really hard for business owners to keep up. You know you are an ethical, honest and hardworking business owner. Do your customers know this? I felt this weight daily working my corporate job. The ethics of marketing often has too many gray areas. There are business, even at the corporate level, who thrive by building their brands on positivity alone. I wanted to make these choice for myself, I wanted to inject peaceful, positive energy into growing brands and prove that you can play nice and honest in business and still be successful. I injected this very approach into my own consulting business and I have reaped the rewards. I earned the freedom to work from anywhere, travel and spend time with the important people in my life.

I don’t take any experience for granted. I take everything I learn and apply it back to the business model. I travel the world, live abroad, learn new languages, immerse myself in different cultures in constant search of new understanding of the diversity of our world’s cultures, and how our team can positively infuse that knowledge into the branding messages for our clients. I also share this unique method through business coaching and speaking engagements in the US and abroad. I love teaching what has worked for me and my clients to new and emerging brands.

I REALLY believe Peaceful Marketing can change the world of business and society as a whole.

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A Bit More. Care to Read?

cutmypicI have been moving around the world since I was three years old. I grew up split between Colombia, where I was born and different parts of the US but mostly in Miami. When I was a teenager I lived and studied in Colombia, I studied in bilingual, international schools there but I also did a little homeschooling. Then in my later teenage years I moved to New Jersey where I tried to live a regular, american high school experience – proms, sports, clubs and clicks. Having moved around so much it was always a challenge to re-immerse in a new culture with a new set of rules. I had to become quickly adaptable. Living in Miami and New Jersey were two distinct versions of America. Neither of which can truly show you what the rest of the country is like. I quickly learned about subcultures, how immigrants become a completely different version of what their families were back in their natives countries but maintaining some of their cultural values which meant not truly becoming 100 percent americanized. I didn’t know what to call it then, I just became really good at dabbling in everything I could to make friends and try to fit in. I wasn’t entirely successful. Living in New Jersey, in the late 90s, was a little hard for the new girl but I made friendships there that have lasted the rest of my entire life. I then wanted to go to college in Miami. I got accepted to my beloved University of Miami where I did a semester in psychology. I left that to cutmypic (2)pursue my first passion,
music. I have been singing since I was eight and living in Miami opened many possibilities in the entertainment industry. Learning quickly how rough that industry can be on a young girl I changed colleges and decided to major in music business. The more I learned about the industry, the more I became disillusioned with my prospects as a serious artist with a knack for business. I knew the dues may be to high to pay so I made a radical shift and went into business school. I eventually got a full scholarship to Florida Atlantic University. I graduated there Summa Cum Laude with two degrees in Business Management and Marketing Advertising, being one of only two people in my class to graduate with a perfect 4.0 GPA. Having been in college so many years while working in the hospitality and music businesses to pay for my education I knew I had to excel and make the most of my education and my scholarship. I got married to my biggest fan but I left music altogether when I landed the internship of my dreams with a world-class advertising agency. I landed the position there even though it had never existed before, they created it for me. During my time there I cutmypic (3)worked  in the media department with MasterCard, Coca Cola, UPS and Johnson & Johnson. I was hired by our client UPS to work in Communications, in the PR department. I met the most amazing mentor, some amazing, professional women there and quickly climbed through the ranks and got to do some amazing work even in philanthropy. The leadership of these women, especially my mentor, taught me to be true to myself and to make good use of my talent. I yearned to return to advertising and marketing, seeking to get more creative work under my belt. I took a leap and went to work for a small direct marketing company. The culture there, the friendships I created truly changed me as a professional and as a person. That is the place where I solidified my status as social butterfly. I was able to let my creativity reign free and learned that there are placed that embrace and nurture people who have a variety of talents and interests. I even modeled for catalog covers, put my makeup artist training to good use, and made my professional acting debut! So if you think you’ve seen me in your company’s sexual harassment training video, that’s me playing Kim!

That’s when things got even more interesting. Our eldest son moved out of the house so I began to evaluate my life and career and I decided it was time to live abroad to pursue all of my dreams and to spread my wings and fly. I worked for another small agency that had big clients like Citi Bank, Coca Cola and State Farm. I was seeking for a forward thinking company that could provide telecommuting work. I led teams on special creative projects focused strictly on the launch of social media campaigns for these clients and I bloomed to my full strategic potential. I realized that in order to be fully free to travel the world with my backpack I had to be a consultant for several firms. One month before moving to Italy, I found out I miraculously got pregnant. This didn’t stop me. I believe that we can all live our dreams if we work hard enough, are open to learning and experiences. The more friends and family in your life to share it with the better. This giant, unexpected miracle of becoming a biological mother changed me profoundly. That is when I decided that I wanted work/life balance FOREVER, not just for a moment. The freedom to parent when and where I wanted, to travel, to pursue my many passions and LIVE freely. That is when I decided to open Mavi Social Butterfly.

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To read more about my travels and personal experiences, read my blog mavisays.com

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