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Work-life balance is now a priority, especially for the younger generations entering the workforce. Those of us passionate about technology, innovation and entrepreneurship recognize there are always new more savvy ways of doing things.Necessary physical presence in the office is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Globalization has broken the mold of working only nine to five. With traditional systems in place, people would have to be connected to work 24/7 leaving family and rest behind, in second place. But the new way is about working smarter, outsourcing, using time efficiently and working when and where it is necessary to build a career around the family, interests and passions.

Mavi Social Butterfly was founded in this very need. After years of working for large corporations and the agencies that served them I become a parent to a baby, a child that deserved my passion and drive, more than my career did. The child came at a time when I had already decided to ditch my corporate job for a back pack and a ticket to Italy. Putting aside all common sense, my husband and I, with child in belly, decided to embark on an adventure. No plan, no job, only guts, and the desire for something more meaningful. Making a living in a new land, in communications and marketing, without knowing the language seemed impossible. I was forced to think outside the box. The seed for this company was born. What if I could share my expertise with small business owners and entrepreneurs back home who like me were looking to take their businesses to the next level? What if I could do it from the comfort of my home, hotel, plane or guesthouse? What if I could find a way to travel the world, raise my child full time and pursue a career? All it took was one client, one person that understood that quality doesn’t always come packaged in a pant suit and a fancy office space in the same town. Mavi Social Butterfly was born.

IMG_2120Three years after starting this company I had the pleasure of finding a partner that compliments me professionally. Louise is my rock and has taken this dream to another level. My right brain and her left, my strategy and her operational abilities, my eye for design her love of all things geek provide our clients the full package. Our families are our priorities but it doesn’t stop there; we are multi-skilled and have interest in a broad range of disciplines. In order to travel, explore, live life to the fullest and tend to our families to the best of our abilities we had to develop processes and timelines that care for our clients efficiently and effectively. At the core of what we do, we understand small business owners want the very thing we have achieved, living a life that’s fulfilling while pursuing a career or passion.

That’s what we’re here to do. We are here to help you reach your business goals. To challenge you to think outside the box. To explore innovative strategies that even large corporations haven’t mastered yet. Our size and adaptable nature allows us to stay at the cutting edge of what’s happening in marketing and social media. Let us compliment you, assist you and help you reach that perfect work-life balance.

From our family to yours, let’s give wings to those dreams, let them flourish and flutter to places you never expected. If we can do it, so can you.

A presto!


The Social Butterfly