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cutmypic (7)Consulting:

  • Marketing, Business and Branding Strategy: I have been building and rebuilding brands with innovative ideas since 1994. Even before college I have been bringing fresh perspectives to established and developing brands. Long ago I knew this was my calling. From my mom’s flower shop in Jersey to Regional strategies for UPS, relating the customer is my forte. From personal brands to B2B businesses I can bring a fresh perspective that may give your brand the equity it needs. I am passionate about getting into a consumer’s head. I have the heart and talent of an artist, this means your brand will look and feel as stunning as possible even if it’s as small as a personal blog.
  • Socio-Cultural Assessments: Having worked, lived and immersed myself in a variety of industries and overseeing projects in several countries in this continent and abroad, I can bring unique insight to your budding brand. From Latam to Europe, my experience spans several sub-cultures and socio-economic groups. I can give you insight in the ways your brand can grow to its full potential, your customers can feel more connected to your brand and how you can stay relevant for years to come.


Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 10.19.48 PMI have been comfortable speaking in public since I have memory. I even competed in it in high school. I feel comfortable when sharing ideas and interacting with others. I admire speakers and their ability to create change and growth. Although poise, charisma and professionalism are important what matters most is the content of their speech.

Did you know there is a group on Hispanics who prefer to NOT be called as such? They want nothing to do with anything relating to the invasion of Spain their native countries. Did you know that saying, “We are all the same on the inside.” can be insulting to some people in certain racial and cultural subgroups?  Reaching certain groups without insulting others is becoming what seems an insurmountable task. Many people say simply “Everyone is too sensitive these days. Just take a chill pill.” I aspire to use marketing as a gateway to inspire brand stakeholders and their customers alike. You can’t tell your customers to just take a chill pill and expect them to bring their business back. Marketing is everything these days. It has a hand in the way we do almost everything.

I believe that in order to make the world a nicer place it needs to start with the way businesses relate to consumers.

I speak about the importance of recognizing the intricacies of cultural identification and how it relates to demographic segmentation.  I seek to inform my listeners on ways they can diagnose their brands to ensure they are exercising the utmost care when speaking to their customer. As an example, I teach the importance of precise translations and cultural relevance when speaking to certain cultural sub-groups. Socio-cultural tensions are not going away anytime soon. I can help you prepare your team or conference for the realities of the transparency social media brings to decaying perspectives and how these are chipping away at brand equity. To learn some of the content and information I share with my clients, their teams and in conferences check out my freebies section and download my latest e-book. Let’s have a talk about ways we can inject some sensitivity into your marketing strategy. 

One-on-One Coaching:

Each brand is unique, so is each demographic group, each person within it. There are some things that can’t be covered in global concepts. Let’s sit down and find out what YOUR brand needs. The first 15 minutes are free.

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