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Mavi Ramirez

Mavi Ramirez


Mavi Ramirez has worked with large and small brands for over 10 years all over the world, helping them discover their message, ensuring their positioning appeals to audiences in mass markets and small niches. She has dedicated several years of her career to studying the psychology of marketing as it relates to social construct. She works to build brand equity through a movement she calls “Peaceful Marketing”, the idea that uplifting promotion strategies can sell a product or service and make a difference in a the world at the same time. In a nutshell it’s the ability of a brand to be culturally relevant and socially conscious at the same time. She travels the world in constant search of new understanding of the diversity of our world’s cultures, and of how she can positively infuse that knowledge into the branding messages for her clients. She has rounded up a world-class team of people with knowledge in all the aspects of digital marketing strategy and demographic assessment. She also shares her message through business coaching and speaking engagements.

Our Team

Great leaders have great teams supporting them. I couldn’t do this job alone. The first lesson I can give you about getting inside your customers head is realizing that our knowledge is limited to living in our own skin. Our experiences are our only limit, the limits we create in our bubble. Knowing our limits and being well aware of them can help us reach out to people in our circle that can expand that knowledge. To learn about our customer, really understand them, we have to be ready to ask tough questions, research and learn as much as we can. Opening our mind and surrounding ourselves with people that challenge us to think outside our bubble will help us reach those tough questions. I have worked in environments where group think was nurtured and looking at possible opposing perspectives was discouraged. Working in Holland taught me that thriving economies and work environments are the happiest and successful when employees are encouraged to be open and share their unique perspective freely. With that in mind I am proud to introduce some of the leaders on my team. Located all over the world these people have created a global network of creative talent that helps create brand strategies that have impact.

Project Manager

Louise Treadwell

  • Lover of all things Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP.
  • Coffee’s biggest fan. Particularly Cafe Bustelo.
  • An information science geek, a library nerd, and a history buff all rolled into one.

Brand Strategist


  • A visionary & brand master. Can transform your brand in ways you never expected.
  • Artist first, designer second. Refined eye and impeccable taste.
  • She loves to donate her designs to help non-profits and charities.
  • Apple product purist.

Spanish Copywriter

La Barbara

  • Spanish word wiz and talented linguist.
  • Hates the word “moist.”
  • Obsessed with homesteading, especially the part where she gets to chop her own firewood.
  • Her Star Wars figurine collection will make any geek jealous.

Virtual Assistant


  • The nicest person you will ever meet.
  • Organized, responsible, meticulous, and self-motivated.
  • Regularly jumps in and saves the day.

Creative Director

Pauly Richmond

  • From Paint to the Adobe Creative Suite, those are just tools. He’s an artist.
  • Gamer, guitar player, introvert and proud.
  • Loves art in all its forms and lone, backpack travel to remote places

English Copywriter

Barb Johnson

  • Social media maven.
  • Tiny frame with a big personality.
  • Wordsmith who can uncover and project your unique voice.
  • Fashionista, style junkie, and lover of accessories.

Traffic Manager


  • Virtual office goddess. The books, the traffic, the works.
  • Can do it all and most believe it, except sharing her last name and certain pictures of her pet mouse.
  • Private but social; loyal but honest. The fiber that keeps the team going.

Staff Designer


  • The old and wise voice of reason on our team.
  • Illustrator, artist, and graphic designer.
  • Family man who designs toys when he isn’t creating for the web.

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